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Welcome to our cyber silver jewelry shop!

Shop our large collection of sterling silver jewelry
for a gemstone silver ring, a celtic ring, or buy a silver pendant and chain.
View a big choice of silver hoop earrings, hanging and stud earrings,
maybe even get yourself a silver toe ring (you've earned it!)
or select a handcrafted batik tapestry or a simple brass miniature statue
as a gift for that special someone.
(Use the links on the left or click an image to navigate)
Thanks for visiting!

Silver pendant

Select a silver pendant or charm from over 150 designs.
28 silver cross pendant designs to choose from
including a celtic cross, a plain silver cross, and designer cross
Or choose a celtic pendant from our 23 silver celtic pendant collection
View our 5 ankh pendant and other egyptian pendants such as a scarab, eye of horus, cartouche & nefertiti pendant
Our zodiac pendant collection includes virgo, leo, crab, taurus, aries, libra, sagittarius, aquarius, & scorpio.
Also check out our chinese zodiac collection for a change of style!
Browse our collection for a pendant theme such as
dragon & eagle pendant, a feather, cocopelli (kokopelli), horseshoe, dice or a steer skull silver pendant
Our buddha silver pendant page includes 3 buddha pendants
2 dorge pendants and 5 om (aum) pendants
5 designs of butterfly pendant, 2 fairy, a heart pendant,
5 silver pentacle/pentagram pendant designs
Choose a dolphin pendant or a whale tail
More themes include sun pendant, rune pendant, skull, bat & gargoyle pendant
our special designer silver pendant set, and more!
use the left menu or click the image to browse the silver pendant themes

silver crossceltic crosssilver crosssilver crossceltic pendantceltic pendantsilver celtic pendantsilver celtic pendantankh pendantcartouche Pendanthorus Pendantscorpion pendantzodiac Pendantzodiac pendantzodiac pendantsilver charmsilver pendanteagle pendantAum/Om pendantButterfly pendantPentagram PendantDolphin pendantWhale silver PendantDragon PendantSun PendantFairy pendantSkull pendantsilver pendantHand of Fatima pendantsilver pendant

Silver hoop earrings

100+ designs of silver hoop earrings to choose from incl.
Plain hoop earrings: 41 gauged plain silver hoops in 4 gauges
(1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm & 3.0mm) ranging from 10 to 60mm in diameter
Bali silver hoop earrings: 61 filigree silver hoop earring designs grouped by tiny hoops, small hoops & medium sized hoop earrings
Silver hoop earrings w/clasp: 2mm & 3mm gauges medium to large size hoop earrings
Color silver hoop earrings: 16 designs of fun colored silver hoops

Silver Hoop EarringsSilver Hoop EarringSilver HoopsHoop Earrings

Silver stud earrings / Post earrings

77 designs of small silver stud earrings to choose from incl.
Celtic studs, Butterfly studs, Frog Dolphin & Pentagram,
Spider & buddha studs, yin yang studs & lots more cute silver studs
31 Tribal silver stud earrings incl.
Sun, Leaf, Paisly, Moon, Ball, Flower & more
plus 20 stud earrings with small colorful stones

Silver gemstone rings

One of a kind sterling silver handcrafted genuine gemstone ring
choose a gemstone ring from our 500+ gemstone ring display
Small gemstone rings include amethyst ring, garnet ring,
lapis, tiger eye, black onyx, peridot, malachite and pearl.
Good as a birthstone ring or pinkie ring
Have a look at a handmade rainbow moonstone ring 130+ designs
(sizes 6-7-8-9-10)
Or choose a garnet silver ring from over 130 designs
all handcrafted w/genuine garnet gemstone in sterling silver
(sizes 5-6-7-8-9 )
Don't forget to view 150+ Amethyst Silver Ring designs
w/genuine amethyst gemstone, also handcrafted in sterling silver
(sizes 6-7-8-9 )

Garnet RingAmethyst RingLapis RingMalachite Ring
Black Onyx RingPearl RingPeridot RingTiger Eye Ring

Moonstone Ring

Garnet Ring

Amethyst Ring

Stud EarringsSilver Post Earrings

Silver Stud Earrings

Silver stud Earrings
Silver Post Earrings

Silver toe ring

adjustable silver toe ring
choose from 48 adjustable toe ring designs

Silver anklet / ankle chain

choose a silver anklet from 9 dainty designs

Silver chain

16 silver chain designs
available in lengths 14 to 30 inches


Last but not least, visit our handicraft section for a lovely miniature statue of buddha or ganesha, a batik tapestry, bone beads, incense, a choker bead necklace, a leather wristband or some stainless steel body jewelry

Silver ring gemstone ring, toe ring, silver pendant, earrings, chain, anklet, silver stud earrings, hoop earrings, batik tapestry & lots more @!

meditating Buddhabuddha miniature statueBuddha TapestryBatik Buddha Tapestry

celtic ringssilver celtic ringwomen's silver ringsmall ringbutterfly ringwire knot ringSpin RingSpinning RingSpin RingSpin RingSpinning Ring

Silver ring

find a popular silver ring or a plain band ring, a celtic ring
or browse our sized band ring pages for designs, view our unique handmade knot wire ring collection, buy a very popular butterfly ring,
a potion/poison ring, a spinning/spin ring, a dolphin ring, gecko ring,
pentagram ring greek key ring, wave ring, a braid ring, skull ring and more
Any silver ring may serve as a thumb ring.
a spinner ring aka spinning, spin, fidget, worry or prayer ring
these rings have 2 bands that allow the ring to 'spin'.
Usually found among the silver band ring for men & women section

Hanging silver earrings

browse a large collection of 23 silver celtic earrings
or view 7 bali hanging earrings
or savor the delicate designs of 11 small silver earrings
with laqueur/mother of pearl
celtic earringssilver earringsearrings

Silver moonstone pendant

Handmade silver moonstone pendant
24 unique designs to choose from
A genuine moonstone gemstone
in a sterling silver pendant setting
Moonstone PendantSilver Moonstone PendantMoonstone PendantMoonstone Silver Pendant
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